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Quality beds, direct from the manufacturer.

Custom Designs

As well as providing a standard range of sizes, Nelson Beds can custom make any size / style of bed to suit you; shorter, longer, wider, thinner, round—anything you like. Below are some examples of the Beds Sizes we have produced.



Question: I have heard that a bed should be hard if you are to get a healthy night's sleep - is this true?

Answer: No - don't confuse a hard sleep surface with good support. You should be well supported and every Natural Rest coil suspension system been designed to ensure you bed moulds to your body and your spine is kept straight.

Question: Which is your most comfortable bed?

Answer: We all have what we at Natural Rest call our "own comfort zone". Everyone has their own ideas of what is the best feel - that's why you really have to try before you buy. But if you find out later it doesn't suit then we will find you another - that's our commitment to you.

Question: Are your beds as good as the big international brands?

Answer: Each bed we make, we make just for you. Our orthopaedic designs draw from the latest research and the very best bed construction technology. Natural Rest beds are made with extra care often with refinements that are special to you - we believe that puts Natural Rest in a class of its own


When I first came to Nelson Beds I was impressed by the information and knowledge that was given to me. Dave & Jesse were so helpful in helping me make my decision and its been one of the best decisions I have ever made, my bed is so comfortable, I don't experience any more back pain due to the fillers that I choose with their help.  Thank you so much Nelson beds.
Joan, Brightwater.

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